Solution: GlyTR

  • GlyTR is developing an entirely new class of antibody independent immunotherapeutics
  • GlyTR targets cancer antigens abnormally expressed in virtually all types of cancer.  ​​
  • GyTR is a platform technology that generates both bi-specific proteins and chimeric antigen receptor T cells (CAR T).
  • a single GlyTR therapeutic induces killing of multiple solid and blood cancers,ranging from breast cancer to leukemia 

PROBLEMS with antibody based immunotherapies:

  • Limited number of cancer specific protein antigens
  • Lack of shared protein antigens across different cancers
  • One therapeutic for one cancer type​
  • Antigens often present on normal cells, leading to off-target killing
  • Fail to effectively target the most abundant and widespread cancer antigens known

About GlyTR Therapeutics

GlyTR Therapeutics is a novel immunotherapy technology that uniquely targets highly diverse cancer types, ranging from breast cancer to leukemia. GlyTR overcomes many of the shortcomings of current immunotherapies by binding to never-before targeted 'tumor associated carbohydrate antigens' that are abnormally expressed in virtually all types of cancer. GlyTR has the potential to increase efficacy over current immunotherapies and help save lives.

GlyTR Therapeutics is based on research that has come out of UC Irvine’s Research Labs. Professor and Inventor Dr. Michael Demetriou and Dr. Raymond Zhou are the scientists and founders of GlyTR Therapeutics. Their hard work and research over many years have culminated in a unique method to kill cancer cells across all types of cancers. 

GlyTR™ is an early stage biotech company developing an entirely new class of immunotherapeutic anti-cancer molecules and cells.

    Transforming the Paradigm of Cancer Treatment

GlyTR™ Therapeutics is currently incubating at EvoNexus, Irvine.